How Do I Connect and Use Android Auto in My Hyundai Vehicle?

Last week on our blog, we talked about how to connect and use Apple CarPlay in your new Hyundai vehicle, and this week we're going to show you how to connect and use Android Auto! Don't worry, Android users; we didn't forget you! Setting up Android Auto is pretty easy, so just follow the simple steps below:

  • 1. Plug in your Android smartphone using a micro USB cord
  • 2. Launch Android Auto on your multimedia screen
  • 3. Accept a few confirmations on your phone's screen
  • 4. After a moment, your phone's interface will be seen on the multimedia screen!

Like with Apple CarPlay, some of your phone's apps won't be found on Android Auto to help decrease driver distraction. Check out the video below to learn more, then come out to see us here at Brown's Leesburg Hyundai today!



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