Whether you commute daily in an Elantra or drive the family around in a Santa Fe XL or Tucson, you'll want to rely on the service center here at our Leesburg, VA Hyundai dealership. We offer the full complement of factory-recommended maintenance and any repairs your Hyundai may need as it gets longer in the tooth, with several perks and benefits you won't find elsewhere around northern Virginia. Take a moment to schedule service right now, and we'll be happy to get you started.



With summer finally having arrived over the weekend, now is a great time to schedule your next service visit for your Hyundai. Whether you're just enjoying the summertime weather around Leesburg and nearby, or if you have a long road trip planned, there's always an opportunity to have your Hyundai car or crossover tuned up or looked at by our service experts. Even if you're scheduling a simple oil or filter change, our Hyundai techs will look through your car's parts and systems to make sure everything is up to speed.

You're probably thinking, "More money invested into my Hyundai?" We know that paying for maintenance and repairs isn't fun, which is why we regularly offer these service specials, which go a long way toward keeping costs down. Even better is how we can make sure your Hyundai lasts a great while, even beyond the generous warranty plans we provide when you buy a new Sonata, Tucson or Kona.

Learn all about the service offerings at Brown's Leesburg Hyundai by coming over today and scheduling your summertime maintenance appointment.

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