Having reliable, and in some cases, complimentary, auto maintenance and repair work is just one of many ways our Leesburg, VA Hyundai dealership becomes an obviously smart spot to shop for your vehicle. With certain 2020 Hyundai models, you can add a complimentary maintenance plan, while the service center we feature here in Leesburg is always available for keeping your car in its best shape. Learn more by visiting our Hyundai dealer from anywhere in Virginia today and we'll be happy to get you started.



Buying a complimentary maintenance plan works within the financing structure of your new car loan when you purchase your new 2020 Elantra, Sonata, Santa Fe or any other Hyundai that qualifies. But the savings when you need to make appointments here will be considerable, so it's something to think about. When leasing your new Hyundai, most service visits will be covered by your car's warranty coverage, so keep that in mind as well.

Beyond the service and maintenance plans we offer when you buy or lease a Hyundai, we make everything involving our service center easy and straightforward. From scheduling service to finding alternate modes of transportation when your car's being worked on, it's easy to take care of your auto maintenance needs here at Brown's Leesburg Hyundai. Be in touch with any questions you have and we'll be sure to make sure your next service visit goes as smoothly as possible.

Schedule service or head over to Brown's Leesburg Hyundai today and we'll be glad to help you out.

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